The Cocktail Box Co. makes the best travel cocktail kits for camping, hiking, bonfires, and other adventurous outdoor settings.

Camping & Cocktails: A Match Made in Mixology Heaven

Camping season is upon us, and that means it’s time to break out the camping supplies and head for the great outdoors. One of our favorite pastimes is sitting around the campfire enjoying a delicious cocktail, which is why we invented our signature kits. The compact, lightweight design means you can enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail anywhere you go.

Celebrate the great outdoors with the Cocktail Box Co.

There's something about cocktails around a campfire that somehow makes the experience even better. Maybe it’s the opportunity to soak in mother nature while you enjoy a great drink, or perhaps it’s the sharing stories after an arduous day of hiking. It’s no surprise that travel-sized cocktail kits have become so popular among outdoors enthusiasts worldwide for camping, hiking, RV lifestyle and more.

The Cocktail Box Co. is the perfect alternative to beers.

As summer approaches, more and more of us go camping, hiking, picnicking, kayaking, and backpacking. While beer is often seen as the go-to for such occasions, cocktail boxes are a far superior choice for many reasons, and should be on your list of camper supplies and camping must haves. For example:

  • Cocktail travel kits are literally designed to take anywhere. Unlike bottles of beer or cans of seltzer, cocktail kits are lightweight camping accessories and create far less waste. One Cocktail Box Co. kit makes at least three cocktails, making the package significantly lighter than three to six beer bottles!
  • Our cocktail kits come in a variety of options. With just a few kits you can offer your fellow campers an array of drinks to pick from.
  • Cocktail boxes are a great way to try new things and experiment with different flavor combinations.
  • Cocktail kits are great for people who aren’t beer fanatics, or simply prefer adult beverages in smaller servings that are less filling than beer.
  • Cocktails are generally perceived as more sophisticated than beer, so if you're looking to impress your camping companions, they're the way to go.
  • Last but not least, cocktail boxes are simply more fun!

Outdoor cocktails aren’t limited to travel adventures. Roasting marshmallows around a fire? Have a cocktail!  Invited to a bonfire?  Show up with Mai Tai cocktail kits!  Having a picnic in the park? Wow you guests with amazing Margaritas!  Fishing at your favorite local spot?  Make yourself an Old Fashioned!

5 Tips for the Best Campfire Cocktails:

Time to break out the bug spray, s'mores, and firewood?  Add a little something extra to your next camping trip with our five tips for making the best campfire cocktails:

  1. Choose the right mix - The first step to your best camping cocktails is to choose the type of drinks you’re in the mood for, and establish if you’ll need any virgin cocktails for anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol. All of our kits can be used to make the best mocktail recipes (for example, simply use soda water instead of vodka for a virgin Moscow Mule, or sparkling grape juice in the Champagne Cocktail Kit). If you're looking for something light and refreshing, our Margaritas, Mojitos and Mai Tais are popular choices. For something more warming, try our Old Fashioned (or our next cocktail, Sazerac, launching this spring). Add your email here and be the first to know when we launch our newest products:
  2. Get creative with your garnishes - Bringing fresh limes or orange slices is a quick and easy step to make your cocktails even more impressive and delectable. Get creative with your garnishes, like the best cherries for an old fashioned or mint for mojito.
  3. Choose your glassware wisely - This may seem like a no-brainer, but you ought not bring just any glassware to your campsite; and you should try to avoid actual glass as much as possible. A step above disposable cups for camping are the reusable, insulated cups to keep your drinks cold. Any standard travel mug or lightweight campware will do, however insulated drinking glasses help the libations linger.
  4. Keep it simple - There's no need to get overly complicated when making campfire cocktails. A few simple yet quality ingredients mixed together is what mixology is all about, and it’s now possible on-the-go with our signature cocktail kits.
  5. Have fun - The most important thing to remember when making campfire cocktails is to have fun! This should be a time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends, so don't stress about making things perfect.

Follow these tips, and you're sure to become known for those delicious campfire cocktails that everyone will love. Cheers!

Stock Up For Summer

Our lightweight and compact cocktail boxes make it easy to take your favorite drinks with you on your next outdoor adventureYou can also find us at REI, so you can pick them up next time you’re out getting new camping gear. If you’d like to purchase in bulk for an upcoming trip, be sure to head over to our wholesale page for special orders.

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